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Who We Are

ONCE UPON A TIME… in the year 2000, there were two sisters, both in the Communications industry, both with expertise covering different spectrums of the field, who set out to start a Communications company.

Superior service, attention to detail and creativity were their core values. Their aim was to start a Communications company that provided new ways of optimizing the way you think about and utilize communications.

MCG Communications Specialists

“Communication is not a way of getting along in life. It is at the heart of life.”

Stedman Graham
CEO, Stedman Graham & Partners

What we can do for you

You should also know…

We use Communications as an effective business tool, creating a bridge between you and the communities you serve.
Our job is to solve your communications problems. At MCG we see a direct link with how communicating more effectively and giving back to the community enhances company profits.

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