Supercharge your Presentation Skills
Communication is not just at the heart of life, it is a way of life(S.Graham)

Frustrated that what your say, doesn’t always get heard?

Afraid to speak in public?

Want to speak like the international speakers you admire?

Want to have the communication confidence to propel your career forward?

Then, this course is for you!

We are in the business of growing people’s communication confidence. We believe communication is an essential business skill, necessary for your company’s image and reputation and your personal development. Confident, goal-directed people are more productive. We believe that knowing how to communicate effectively, i.e. listening well, knowing how to answer questions well, being well groomed and well mannered, will enhance your overall brand.

Our course is meant to improve your overall communication ability, to improve how you handle personal relationships, co-workers, your boss and customers, to become an effective communicator all the time!  Hence our belief that “communication is a way of life.”

Research has shown that:

55% of our information gathering is through body language.  Non-verbal communication becomes key.  Things like gestures, facial expressions are important.

38% is through intonation and voice inflection.

7% is communicated using words.

We have developed the 11 Vital Communication Skills necessary for improved day to day business communication/ public speaking and over brand confidence.

Course Overview

The course lasts for two full days.

The course is tailor-made to suit your requirements.  The method used is practical and engaging, suiting each individual’s needs.

The 11 Vital Communication Skills are:

  • Appearance, posture, gestures, eye-contact, facial expressions, voice, listening, handling questions, padding, humour
  • Building your employee brand
  • Using the FROGS technique to create instant rapport
  • Business communication
  • Useful interpersonal skills
  • Effective listening techniques
  • Obtaining communication confidence

You will….

Use gestures and body language to enhance your message effectively

  • Listen more attentively and really “hear what is being said”
  • Read your audience and respond flexibly
  • Master yourself and tap into your authentic power
  • Learn how to write and present an effective speech/presentation
  • Create two presentations (work-related) where you record yourself and receive valuable feedback
  • Learn how to create an effective communication brand on social media

What coaching issues can one have?

A little motivation…


Those statistics are there not to impress you, but to impress upon the need to clarify, why you may need help or guidance.  We all need help at one time or other. And it is  okay to seek the help until we can fly on our own.

If you have important changes to make in your life, career or business,

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